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Adventurous, modern flavors that can take any dish from good to truly extraordinary.  Modern Mill seasonings and salad toppers represent our relentless mission to make food better and add that special touch that takes your meal to the next level.

Contains: Real inspiration

Elevate your meals from good to extraordinary, with unique and exotic ingredients that capture the imagination and elevate your appetite. Modern Mill salts, spices, and salad toppers come straight from the earth to make every dish taste perfectly heavenly.

For the Culinary Curious

We send our culinary adventurers to every corner of the globe to bring back Modern Mill salts and seasonings. And we work hard to respect what makes them unique. Is 16 varieties of sea salt enough? Maybe, but we haven’t stopped looking.


Reason people love Modern Mill Salad Toppers is they "Add Crunch"


Chimayo peppers blended into a batch of Siracha sea salt


Grams of fiber in a 1oz serving of Figs

Take Your Meals to The Next Level

Spices, salts, and salad toppers - the way we cook, these aren’t mere flavorings, they’re the main attraction.


Elevates any dish to the next level.


Made from whole, unaltered ingredients, like other Gourmet Nut products.


Unique blends and easy portions, packaged for the way you’ll want to use them.


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