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Superior quality trail mix made with specially-sourced ingredients. 

Uncomplicated. Uncompromising.

We’re trail mix lovers, and we want everyone to feel the love. Typical trail mixes come with high-sugar ingredients, stale nuts, and who knows what else. With Power Up, you’re guaranteed fresh, premium ingredients that nourish your body and keep it going strong -  no matter if you’ve just finished a grueling workout, or are racing the kids to soccer practice.

"Let nothing get in the way of keeping your snack game on POINT!"

-Shaun T

Just What it Looks Like

What’s in Power Up trail mix? All the good things the others leave out - whole nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. There are absolutely no additives, preservatives, or stale nuts, ever. Our tasty, expertly-crafted blends are produced in small batches, to ensure the highest quality and taste.


Omega 3's from Walnuts in a 14oz bag of Mega Omega


Protein-rich cherries & almonds in a 14oz Protein Packed bag


Energy-providing fruits and nuts in our High Energy mix

Real Fuel for Everyday Life

Power Up trail mixes bring supreme flavor, quality ingredients, and real, whole- ingredient nutrition that’s perfect for relaxing on the couch, or running in twelve directions at once.


Resealable packages of goodness, perfect for the road, the desk, or the couch.


The very best selection of nuts, dried fruits and seeds. No preservatives, no additives, and nothing artificial.

High Quality

Only fresh, whole, premium-quality ingredients. No stale foods, fake ingredients, or anything else you wouldn’t want to find in your bag.

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